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Physical keys and traditional locker management are a frustrating, expensive, and cumbersome pairing. While the rest of the world chased technological advancement, the locker industry stood still – until eLocker.

Leading the new generation of wireless locker solutions, eLocker combines innovative RFID technology with simple and intuitive locker management. It’s totally keyless, wireless, and effortless.

Thanks to our cutting-edge Bluetooth integration, eLocker products can be installed, used, and managed at a fraction of the traditional cost.

Our Products


eLocker Manager

Traditional locker management is time-intensive, stressful, and seriously cuts into profits - eLocker manager is the solution. You can allocate...
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eLocker Contactless

Say goodbye to manual key allocation! eLocker contacttless is a Mifare-based technology which lets you allocate lockers from a single online dashboard.
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eLocker Bluetooth

A wired locker system - without the wires. This is the latest innovation in locker management technology: by connecting every locker to your web system.
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eLocker Asset

The latest innovation in asset tracking technolgy. A totally self service asset management system, backed by the eLocker could. eLocker asset gives full accountability for your assets
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eLocker Features

The result of constant technological innovation, our products aren't only physically superior to clunky hard-wired systems - they're also available at a fraction of the cost.

Locker Management

eLocker manager is designed to be easy. Your security team will only need an hour of training, and we provide 24-hour support throughout the product’s lifetime.

Battery Life

Our locks will last 12 years (at least) on a single battery charge. Recharging is an awkward and inefficient process, so we built superior batteries.


Following extensive penetration testing and ethical "hacking" of our systems, they've proven more robust and defensible than traditional hard-wired systems.


With cutting-edge Bluetooth technology, easy retrofits and the ability to deliver quick installations, you'll save time and money compared to installing and operating hard-wired systems.

Full Analytics

eLocker contactless provides full visibility and analytical data to our customers. The process is automated, and all data can be accessed at anytime.

Break-in Alarm

Not only is an audible alarm triggered during any attempted break-in, but management will also be notified immediately through email.

Non-use Notifications

Management will have full access to the "health status" of each locker: open, closed, assigned, not assigned, broken, faulty and so on. eLocker means you're always in-the-know.


Security is critical for a network-wide locker system. Our "4 eyed open" security protocol means that no single manager can open in-use lockers without someone else present.
lockers for warehouse staff drugs lockers for hospitals

Use Cases

Lockers for warehouse staff

Our intelligent locker systems remove management from large scale locker installations, saving time and money.

Hot lockers for offices

eLocker Bluetooth's hot locker feature make lockers totally self service with tracked, managed usage analytics.

Drugs lockers for hospitals

Timed access lockers and analytics give dispensing a new lease of life, our Bluetooth system allows you to control drugs easily.

Evidence lockers for police

Our Analytics package allow you to track who accessed which locker, when, giving full visibility and tracking of evidence assets
lockers for warehouse staff drugs lockers for hospitals

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