How it Works

eLocker is the first of its kind. A truly wireless asset management system. Staff can use in house access cards to collect assets with ease. Simply touch a card against a locker and collect the asset. To return the asset simply touch the RFID tag on the lock and the user card. The whole process takes seconds.
Touch card to remove asset
Remove asset from locker
Touch asset tag
Touch card
Return asset
“No need for a collection kiosk or screen, each locker is independent - reducing bottlenecks and increasing productivity, every day.”

eLocker Features

The fastest shift start
Staff touch their badge and collect their device in seconds. Each locker can be opened independently, ensuring employees don’t have to queue up before they can get to work. Unlike wired systems there is no need for a single collection point, removing another bottleneck
A fully featured analytics platform
The eLocker cloud ensures you always know who is using each device and for how long. If devices are not returned within a set time, the system notifies you with an email. Increasing accountability, reducing downtime and ensuring your equipment is ready when you need it
The Latest Technolgy
In an age of IoT why use wires? eLocker employs the latest Bluetooth standard, allowing you to install lockers in crucial action areas. If the layout changes you to move lockers at your leisure without the need of expensive network infrastructure

Lockers, asset management systems and scanner tracking technology provide secure, online accountability for your assets.

Our systems ensure that your team has exactly what they need, when and where they need it – 24/7 x 365 without the need for human intervention.

Create accountability with eLocker. Tracking assets usage using paper is a thing of the past. Our cloud system and keeping items in check. You can ensure staff return valuable assets on time, ready for the next shift

Thanks to our cutting-edge Bluetooth integration, eLocker products can be installed, used, and managed at a fraction of the cost of a traditional wired system, and remember – Bluetooth doesn’t rust.

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