Introducing eLocker Asset Tracking Lockers

Working in a busy warehouse, equipment is always being lost and misplaced. This leads to lots of frustration and wasted time tracking down assets, while also cuts into the business’s productivity – and profit.

Put an end to the hassle, with eLocker Asset.
eLocker’s asset tracking locker system offers a centralised storage solution for every asset and tool in your building. There’s a full electronic audit trail: who removed which asset, at what time, and when it was returned. If an item isn’t returned by the end of a shift, our smart locker system will notify the manager with all the details.

The best part? It’s incredibly easy to use. The system is intuitive to staff and assets are dispensed quickly, so you can always access equipment in a hurry. This means; smoother operations on the ground, more productive staff, and better business.

Our asset management locker system has proven to save time and money on site and reduces loss to zero by keeping a log and creating accountability for staff members

How does it work

Organise your equipment
First gather up all your assets and place them into the smart lockers. Organise everything however you think best - remember, you can easily swap items round later on.
Log every item
Using our simple online system, log the asset in each locker. This means the system knows exactly where every item is being kept, at all times.
Allocate access
Create profiles for your staff on the online system, then decide who can access which assets: you can easily restrict access to valuable or expensive equipment. This also enables real asset tracking.

How it works

Scan your ID card against the built-in kiosk
Select the item you need from the list
Remove the asset from the locker and use it
To return, scan the asset against the lock
Scan your ID card and place the item back on the shelf.

A truly intelligent locker system

eLocker Asset will mean fewer scanners, AMT’s or high value equiment misplaced, lost, or left lying around the workplace. But that’s just scratching the surface.

Asset management lockers have been proven to reduce costs, save management time, and improve operational efficiency on the ground. This is partly because there’s less messing around searching for all your equipment: you know exactly where it is.


The real savings

Not only do asset trcking lockers log where your items are, the system also allows engineer access to ensure your equipment is up to date, always available and maintained according to your internal maintainence schedule. The system automatically generates notifications to highlight equipment which requires maintainence

And the final hurdle, users have access to our complete usage analytics package. This enables you to tweak your operations to maximise productivity while minimising cost: a win-win for any business.

Are you ready to upgrade your locker system?

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