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eLocker Contactless Bluetooth is a revolutionary keyless locker system. With wireless Bluetooth technology we are able to offer the same features and benefits as a hard wired locker system without the cost.

Locks communicate with the server using bluetooth, offering time stamped tracking allowing you to know who has opened each locker and at what time.

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Personalised RFID Tag / Company ID Card

  • The locker is operated by an eLocker RFID tag or a company ID Card
  • The member of staff needs a barcode on an existing access control or ID card
  • The staff member uses the kiosk and collects printed ticket locker allocation.
  • Staff ID is then sent by Bluetooth to the lock
  • The tag or company ID card opens the locker
  • eLocker's smart locker system tracks locker usage and tracks locker openings with the time and date. This allows for full analytic tracking using the smart online dashboard.

Full Analytics

eLocker contactless provides full visibility and analytical data to our customers. The process is automated, and all data can be accessed at anytime.

Break-in Alarm

Not only is an audible alarm triggered during any attempted break-in, but management will also be notified immediately through email.

Non-use Notifications

Management will have full access to the "health status" of each locker: open, closed, assigned, not assigned, broken, faulty and so on. eLocker means you're always in-the-know.


Security is critical for a network-wide locker system. Our "4 eyed open" security protocol means that no single manager can open in-use lockers without someone else present.