This whole process takes less than ten seconds

Historically companies have used security staff, keys, spreadsheets and whole lot of time to manage lockers. eLocker removed this furstration and has already proven to save time and cost by our customers

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  • The locker is operated by an eLocker RFID tag
  • The member of staff needs a barcode on an existing access control or ID card
  • The staff member uses to the kiosk
  • The Kiosk issues a printed locker ticket
  • The locker key is added to the RFID tag
  • The tag opens the locker
  • There is no communication between the lock and system. The allocation is just added to the RFID tag.

Easy Management

The simplicity in design of eLocker contactless means staff can be trained within an hour to use the eLocker system effectively. eLocker provides 24 hour monitoring and support.

Battery Life

All components in our locks have been developed with battery life consideration. This means that our low energy locks will last up to 10 years (depending on frequency of use).


eLocker employs the most secure end-to-end encryption in all aspects of the system, using AES128 for card reading, mutual authentication for Bluetooth transfers and mutual token assurance for API calls.


Our locks offer many advantages in administration, simplicity of use, and reduced capital expenditure. The average time saving is 2 hours per allocation. 2 hours x 3500 staff = 7000 hours per year...